Eight Tips for Keeping Birds off of Your Porch Lights

Published: 24th May 2010
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Birds may find your porch lights an ideal place where they can rest or build a nest, especially in springtime. Porch lights provide enough warmth for the nests, and the eggs that the birds may lay in them. The lights can be damaged by the droppings and feathers of the birds, as well as the twigs and branches that they use to build the nests. You should immediately drive away the birds as soon as they come on your porch area.

1. Place a Rough Object on Top of the Light Fixtures

There are many ways to prevent birds from perching on your porch lights. You can place a rough object on the light fixtures so that the surface is not flat anymore. Birds need a flat surface for their nests, thus your porch lights are no longer an ideal nesting location for them.

2. Hang a Plastic Owl Near the Porch Light

You can also hang a plastic owl somewhere near the porch light, but you must move it very often in order to make this idea work. If you do not move the plastic owl, the birds will eventually discover that it is actually fake and innocuous.

3. Hang Wind Chimes Above the Lights

Hang a set of wind chimes above your porch light fixtures to obstruct the bird from reaching the porch lights. The lights will be safe from now on.

4. Refrain from Giving Food to the Birds

Another good idea is to stop feeding the birds. Many people like to feed bread and seeds to birds and this may be one main reason why birds always come to your porch area. If you stop giving them food, the birds will stop coming around your house and building nests on your porch and light fixtures.

5. Install Appropriate Bird Spikes

Bird spikes are very effective if you want to keep birds away from your porch lights. Put the bird spikes on top of your light fixtures. The birds will never come to rest on them again. But you must be careful on the kind of birds you want to drive out of your porch area. If the bird spikes are intended for large birds, smaller birds will keep coming and the spikes will not stop them.

6. Scare the Birds Away with Loud Noises

You can simply scare the birds away by making loud noises or throwing objects their way. But to do this, you must constantly keep an eye on your porch area to see whether any birds are perching on your porch lights.

7. Guard the Lights with Cats

Cats are the bird's worst enemy. You can get the help of one or two cats by leaving them on the porch to guard your lights from birds.

8. Catching the Birds in Traps

In case the birds are persistent and keep coming to rest on your porch lights, prepare a set of bird traps for them. Once they get caught inside, take the traps somewhere far away from your house and release the birds there. They will hopefully find another location where they can rest.

Not all of the above tips may work but it is worth trying most of them. Birds, like other animals, are very lovable and most of the time are welcome in gardens and porches. It is only when they unintentionally cause damage to our property that you have to think of simple and effective ways to stop them from doing so.

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