How to Repair a Coping Stone Part 2

Published: 21st May 2010
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This article is the second and last part of the 2-part article addressing the repair of coping stone on a brick wall. After completing the assessment of the damage, purchasing supplies, and removing the loose stones, you are ready to repair the chips and cracks that occur and repair the stone.

The heavy lifting, in a manner of speaking, takes place in this article as we complete the instructions for the repair of your coping stone on your brick wall. The steps addressed in this second article focus on either cosmetic fixes that can be accomplished to protect the integrity of the coping stone or brick wall, and more substantive fixes to remove damaged sections of the coping stone, with the most drastic step being replacement of the coping stone.

Tools and Materials Needed

* Coping Stone Repair Kit

* Chisel

* Hammer

* Thinset Mortar

* Concrete

Step 1: Removing Damaged Coping Stone

Just as you used the chisel and hammer in the previous article as a way to remove the loose bricks, you employ the same process for the removal of the coping stones that are damaged. These would be coping stones that are beyond repair and their continued existence on the wall represents a hazard or can threaten the integrity of the brick wall. This is addressed by chiseling away the section of the damaged coping stone in order to make way for a replacement.

Prepare a batch of thinset mortar or concrete in accordance with its instructions. The thinset will act as a bonding agent or adhesive that is necessary to adhere the replacement coping stone to the brick wall.

Step 2: Patch Cracked or Chipped Coping Stone

For coping stone that is either cracked or chipped where such damage maybe salvageable, you may be able to apply a simple patch in order to repair the damage. This fix is easier than replacing sections of the wall and setting it in place with mortar or concrete.

To patch the coping stone, mix the adhesive compound found in the repair kit according to instructions. Apply the mixture to the affected area to seal the damage.

Step 3: Replace the Damaged Coping Stone

If the extent of damage to the coping stone due to long term neglect or other causes is greater than the fixes described in Steps 1 and 2, you will need to engage in the wholesale replacement of the brick walls coping stone. Using the hammer and chisel and knock loose the mortar holding the coping stone in place. You will need to work carefully, especially if damage to the coping stone is in sections, requiring you to stop and start often to successfully remove the coping stone in its entirety.

With the coping stone removed, have a replacement coping stone ready to be placed on top of the wall and secured with mortar, concluding the repair. This site facilitate with home improvement,home repair,extreme home makeover,home improvement site,HGTV,DIY,do-it-yourself,buying guides,consumer reports ,Free home improvement advice, great remodeling tips, and appliance buying guides by leading home improvement authority, DIY expert and HGTV personality

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