How to Replace the Knob on an Electric Stove

Published: 26th May 2010
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It uses an electric stove on a daily basis. More often, and the handles on the stove and large electric suffer wear tear over time. To renew the appearance of your electric oven and have it looking new, the easiest thing to do is to replace these knobs. More importantly, if the wear and tear on the handles caused numbering or letters to fade, it is certainly time to replace them. Handles replace an electric oven is a simple DIY project does not need any professional help. Here's how you can replace the knobs on an electric oven.

What You Need

Replacement handles *

* Spoon / Screwdriver

* Oven cleaner / degreaser

* Wool cloth wire /

Step 1 - get an allowance handles

Of course, the first step when replacing your old electric oven knobs to buy new ones. Before buying new handles, and verification of the specifications of your electric oven, and if you want new handles to be exactly the same old, contact the manufacturer. Handles many general is also available in the market, and this fit most electric stoves. You can buy these if you want to change the look of your old stove. However, you should see if it can be used in your oven before buying. Also, keep in mind that you need to buy the stove knobs electric stove rather than gas ones.

Step 2 - Remove the old handles

Before you remove the old handles, on and off your stove and the delivery of it. After that, turn the handles to your position "" off. Is screwed on most of the handles, which means you can remove them by simply holding them firmly in your hands and pull them abroad. Sometimes, however, that this may not be an easy task, and you may end up breaking the handle if you pull too hard. If you find that the handle does not slide easily (in many cases as a result of the accumulation of dirt and grime), pour some oven cleaner or degreaser on the knob and try again. You can also use a spoon to remove the door handle from the stem (attached to the stove). If the handles screwed into your fireplace, and use a small screwdriver to separate them. Once again, use some degreaser to help remove smooth.

Step 3 - Cleaning

The next step is very clean. It will certainly need to clean the stem knob, but you can also clean your oven so that the entire new knobs does not seem out of place when commenting on them. To clean, simply use a cleaner or degreaser and wipe with a cloth. To get rid of tough stains and grime solid, you can use wire wool, but remember to be nice.

Step 4 - Replace the knobs

Once you clean the stove to your level of satisfaction, it is time to replace the handles. If you have to unscrew the handle, then simply screw new again. If you pulled out your handles, then push new again. When you replace the key, keep in mind that the flow knob (attached to the stove) and a socket handle should be aligned such that the "off / 0" marking on the key in this position. This site facilitate with home improvement,home repair,extreme home makeover,home improvement site,HGTV,DIY,do-it-yourself,buying guides,consumer reports ,Free home improvement advice, great remodeling tips, and appliance buying guides by leading home improvement authority, DIY expert and HGTV personality

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