Troubleshooting a Chest Freezer that Doesn't Cool

Published: 26th May 2010
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Chest freezer is a great to be in your home. You may not have space in your kitchen, but kept the chest freezer in the basement or garage in an excellent food store frozen. The problems occur when freeze-Sadr refuses to work properly. If it will not cool down properly to keep food frozen, and you need to take action quickly before the food is ruined.

De-icing system

If the refrigerator is running, but certainly will not get cold, you've virtually eliminated one of the potential problems such as lack of energy. If it is not freezing cold enough, it can be the result of the accumulation of ice on the coils of the refrigerator. This prevents it from cooling properly.

* One suggests that this could be the reason will be the presence of frost or ice inside the fridge. It can be on the walls, and a cover on the ground or even the freezer. Where this happens, it could mean that in many cases there is a problem in the system of self-defrosting, which should kick four times in one day around.

* If a part of the self-defrosting system is not working, and try to calm the fridge is still on even though it will not do so efficiently as it should. This will lead gradually to the accumulation of frost on the evaporator files, which in turn could mean that the fan, which revolve in the air is not able to take advantage of the weather of those files. You can still find some cooling to occur, such as cabbage themselves from the cold, but it will be very limited.

* To check, you will need to unload all the food from the freezer and then turn the heat outside and leave the lid open a chest freezer for 48 hours to allow the device to defrost completely. Turn the heat back to the setting that suits him and see if it cooled correctly.

* If so, then you know that the problem lies in the defrost heater, defrost timer or defrost heat. However, if you are comfortable working on appliances, and professional advice for the treatment of this problem.

Cover Gasket

One reason for the chest freezer is not cooling properly can be a cover gasket. If you do not make the proper seal tightly, and the chest freezer will not cool properly. Check gasket to make sure it tight, fits correctly and that there is nothing to prevent them from closing completely. Make sure that none of those who died in it. If there is a problem, you will need to replace the entire brutal.


Intense chest freezer must be cleaned periodically. Files can become coated with dust, hair and other debris. If the paint is too thick, it will not cool efficiently, leading to the problem. To clean, and the use of heavy brush with a vacuum cleaner to remove all of your debris

Refrigeration and compressor level

Other things that can cause the refrigerator to cool the chest does not constitute a compressor malfunction or low coolant level. In both cases. You will need specialized equipment to examine and repair. If you have eliminated other possible causes, the best solution is to call professional. This site facilitate with home improvement,home repair,extreme home makeover,home improvement site,HGTV,DIY,do-it-yourself,buying guides,consumer reports ,Free home improvement advice, great remodeling tips, and appliance buying guides by leading home improvement authority, DIY expert and HGTV personality

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